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Protecting Your Legacy

Protecting Your Hard-Earned Wealth For Years To Come

After years of hard work and saving, you have acquired enough money and assets to live comfortably and provide for your loved ones. Now, the question remains — how will you protect your assets in the long term?

There are ways to protect your property from creditors, taxes and other liabilities. At Law Office Of Lawrence H. Damm, our firm has represented families, individuals and businesses for more than 30 years. We provide highly effective legal solutions for complex and high-asset holdings. Reach our office in Pacific Palisades at 310-459-5784

We Offer Innovative Solutions

There are many ways to protect your wealth. Depending on what type of assets you have, your life circumstances and your goals, our firm adjusts your plan to fit you and your needs. Our lawyers can guide you through potential legal options to manage your assets.

We explore all areas of planning, including:

  • Powers of attorney and fiduciary options
  • Trusts and trust administration
  • Investment management, including retirement account management

Get an asset protection plan specifically designed to meet your needs. Our experienced attorneys help you account for your full financial holdings and establish a legal regime that protects you and your wealth.

Begin Planning For Your Future Today

Time goes by faster than you would think. Having a plan in place for the money and property you have worked so hard for is more than just a good idea; it is necessary to ensure you thrive. Call our office at 310-459-5784 or email us to speak with a legal professional about how to protect your legacy.