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Establishing Successful Businesses From The Outset

The California economy is fiercely competitive. When entering into the market, you need to consider all your options and create a long-term plan that will succeed. At Law Office Of Lawrence H. Damm, we help you evaluate the best possible route for your business.

Our firm has over 30 years of legal experience. We have intimate knowledge of the California economy and its legal regulations. For those establishing a business, our offices are the right place to be. We can identify foundational elements that will set your business up for success and circumvent future legal issues. Reach our firm at 310-459-5784.

Are You Making Wise Business Decisions?

Business is predicated upon contracts and agreements. From the inception of your business, you will have to consider many legal issues. A misstep early on in the process can have ramifications decades later. Our firm helps you build a foundation for success by assisting with issues like:

  • Drafting and reviewing letters of intent
  • Analyzing rental contracts and property agreements
  • Establishing business structures
  • Creating human resources and employment policies

Build a business with a strong legal underpinning. We evaluate your business needs thoroughly and create a plan that accounts for your future needs and tax burdens. Call our office in Pacific Palisades for legal assistance.

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Our firm serves business owners across southern California and Los Angeles County. You can speak with our legal team and schedule your free consultation. Too busy to call us today? Send our firm an email.