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Protecting Your Legacy

Protecting Your Assets Starts With Effective Planning

Our team helps individuals and families plan for the future by using the right legal tools. With effective solutions and key guidance, we can help you create a comprehensive estate plan. We take our clients’ goals and interests seriously. We treat every case with the utmost discretion and efficacy. A proper estate plan and probate administration can prevent high-profile conflict and protect your wealth, property and estate from financial vulnerability. Our 30 years of experience can help you, too.

Our Estate Planning Services

We firmly believe that our clients should feel comfortable and protected when establishing an estate plan. From our law office in Pacific Palisades, we provide residents of Santa Monica, Malibu and the surrounding area with all the essential services for a complete estate plan, including:

  • Creating a clear and effective will
  • Establishing trusts that protect your assets and keep your family’s financial affairs private.
  • Declaring powers of attorney that permit a trusted person to handle your affairs if you are incapacitated.
  • Instituting an advance health care directive that lets family members and medical providers know what care you do and do not want to receive if you are in a terminal condition.

Our firm provides diligent and thoughtful services during estate planning. We are highly familiar with the intersection of estate planning, taxes and business interests. Learn how to preserve your assets for your family and the future by talking to an experienced attorney.

A Note On California Probate

In addition to comprehensive estate planning services, our firm aids families and individuals after a loved one’s death. We regularly guide executors through:

  • Trust administration
  • Estate and property distribution
  • Estate tax filings
  • Other compliance issues like fiduciary income tax returns

We offer our services to the spouses and children of decedents and successor trustees. Limit the time spent in probate with effective legal representation.

Schedule A Consultation

You can meet with the attorneys at the Law Office Of Lawrence H. Damm in person for free to discuss your options. Our attorneys can identify the best plan for your specific needs. Call our office in Pacific Palisades at 310-459-5784 today or email our firm.